Wall with bricks in different tonesand covered white haze

How to remove white haze from pavers?

There is nothing worse than seeing your beautiful pavers covered with a white haze, right?  Well, this white haze you’re seeing is actually called efflorescence

Paver patio being cleaned by a man with a pressure washer

How to clean dog pee off pavers?

If you have dogs or any pets, you probably already experienced pee in your pavers, which can lead to stains and a terrible smell. It’s

A nice paver patio with a yard and chairs around it

How long do pavers last?

Pavers are a go-to option for outdoor projects, they are not only attractive but also have other interesting features, like slip resistance, potential to increase

Two workers cutting pavers with mansory blades in a patio

How to cut pavers for curves? Learn now!

When it comes to cover outdoor surfaces, people instantly think about pavers, since they are very beautiful, durable, and can boost your home value instantly.

Sidewalk made with brick pavers with edge restrains installed on the perimeter

How to keep pavers from shifting?

Installing pavers seems pretty simple, you lay down bricks on your yard, put some furniture over it, and all done, you have a brand-new patio

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