Are Belgard pavers permeable? Understanding the investment

The world of hardscape has many quality paver manufacturers, but Belgard is certainly at the top of the industry. They offer a wide range of paving stones and pavers for various outdoor projects with unmatched quality – but are Belgard pavers permeable as well?

Many homeowners and contractors often ask that question, as the permeability of pavers can be an essential consideration for managing stormwater runoff and creating environmentally friendly outdoor spaces.

The goal of this article is to answer your doubts and discuss permeable pavers as a whole, so you can make the best possible decision for your project.

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Are Belgard pavers permeable?

Belgard offers a diverse selection of pavers, each with its unique design, texture, and application – and yes, some of them are indeed permeable. They have developed a specialized line of permeable pavers that are not only aesthetically appealing but also environmentally conscious.

These innovative permeable pavers have been meticulously designed to facilitate the seamless passage of water, enabling it to infiltrate into the ground rather than contributing to surface water runoff.

The unique engineering behind Belgard’s permeable pavers involves a combination of open joints and a comprehensive base system that prioritizes efficient water infiltration. This means that instead of rainwater cascading off the surface and potentially causing erosion, flooding, or overloading drainage systems, these pavers encourage water to percolate into the underlying soil.

This environmentally responsible approach helps in managing stormwater effectively and mitigating the adverse impacts of excess runoff. Belgard’s commitment to both form and function is evident in the diverse styles and designs available within their permeable paver range.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to enhance your outdoor space or a contractor working on a landscaping project, you’ll find a variety of options to choose from.

These pavers are not only functional but also allow for creative and visually appealing hardscape designs that can seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment. By investing in Belgard’s permeable pavers, you can contribute to sustainable landscaping practices while simultaneously enjoying the beauty and durability of their paver options.

Here at JS Brick, over our 23 years of activity in the hardscape business, we have worked with Belgard pavers countless times. In all this time, their products have conquered a high satisfaction rate from our clients, so we can safely vouch for their quality and mark them as the best possible investment you can make in paver choice.

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Benefits of permeable pavers

Permeable pavers are gaining popularity in modern landscaping and urban development projects because they are a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional concrete or asphalt surfaces.

These innovative paving materials offer a range of benefits that extend beyond aesthetics, contributing to a healthier environment and more functional outdoor spaces.

One of the primary benefits of permeable pavers is their positive impact on the environment.

Unlike traditional impermeable surfaces, which prevent water from soaking into the ground, permeable pavers allow rainwater to filter through the gaps between the stones and into the soil. This process promotes groundwater recharge, reduces stormwater runoff, and helps prevent soil erosion.

Permeable pavers also help filter out pollutants and contaminants from rainwater, improving water quality. They act as a natural filtration system, removing harmful substances before they enter water bodies. This feature is especially valuable in areas prone to flooding or experiencing water pollution issues.

Permeable pavers are excellent tools for flood control and erosion prevention. By allowing water to infiltrate the ground slowly and evenly, they help alleviate the burden on stormwater drainage systems, reducing the risk of flooding during heavy rain events.

Moreover, the pavers effectively combat soil erosion by stabilizing the ground, making them an ideal choice for sloped or hilly terrains.

When properly installed, they can be integrated into a sustainable water management system. They can capture and store rainwater for later use, such as irrigation or other non-potable applications.

This approach conserves water and reduces the demand for local water supplies. Permeable pavers decrease the volume of stormwater entering sewage systems and can lead to cost savings for municipalities and property owners alike.

Learn how to install permeable pavers here.

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Professional installation

So now you know that the answer to the question “Are Belgard pavers permeable?” is yes; Belgard does have a line of permeable pavers, which have a high demand on the market.

That said, a pivotal aspect of permeable pavers is the installation. It is much more complex than a regular paver installation would be – so it is advised that you seek professionals to do that job for you instead of trying to tackle it DIY.

Therefore, look for professional hardscape contractors you can trust around you. And if you happen to be around our area of activity, the Sarasota region, in FL, you can always contact us for a free estimate. We can provide you with the necessary help to make your dream project come true.

We would be happy to hear from you and add you to our long list of satisfied customers!

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