Can You Put a Fire Pit on a Paver Patio? A Simple Guide

Fire pits are one of the most elegant pieces of hardscape elements you can include in your project. Many homeowners often decide to base a whole paver installation using a fire pit as a centerpiece. But then comes the question: can you put a fire pit on a paver patio?

Since it involves fire, something that can be damaging to some kinds of pavers, homeowners can sometimes be a little reluctant when it comes to incorporating a fire pit in their project.

But worry not, it is perfectly possible to put a fire pit on a patio. As long as you follow our instructions, answer some preliminary questions, and plan ahead, everything should be fine.

So let’s start by clarifying some things and asking you some simple questions, and then we will point towards the right direction on what to do.

Fire Pit on a Paver Patio

Can You Put a Fire Pit on a Patio? Important Questions

Before moving any further, we first have to understand what exactly your project consists of. So first, let’s ask two questions to establish some basic rules.

  • Are you incorporating a fire pit on a pre-existing installation, or starting a new installation from the ground up?
  • Are you using porous or non-porous pavers?
  • Is the material you’re using fire-resistant?

Depending on your answer to each of those questions, you will have to approach things differently.

If you are incorporating a fire pit on a pre-existing installation, you can safely build one on top of it, as long as the pavers you’re using are porous and fire-resistant.

If they are not, it is recommended that you remove some pavers and expose the ground beneath, so you can then build your fire pit around it.

The same rule applies if you are starting a new installation and are already accounting for the fire pit.

If you’re using porous and fire-resistant pavers, you can either make the installation as you normally would or already leave some ground exposed in which to build the fire pit around.

What Pavers to Use?

To put a fire pit on a paver patio, you can either buy a set of pavers specifically designed to build a fire pit, or let your creativity flow and use regular pavers to create your own design. Just make sure to use pavers that are porous and resistant to fire.

The “ready to build” fire pits are basically a big Lego structure that you build following the instructions. They are really easy to build and designed to work as fire pits, making it the best possible choice.

If you still decide to go for your own design, just make sure to not overcomplicate things and make a lot of planning ahead, especially to avoid having to cut any pavers in the process.

How to Put a Fire Pit on a Paver Patio?

The first thing you’re going to need, beside the pavers themselves, is either a steel ring or a set of fire bricks, to serve as isolation for your fire pit.

The only other things you’re going to need is a good construction adhesive, a level, metal edge restrainers and fire rocks to place at the bottom of your fire pit.

So let’s give you a step by step guide on how to build your own fire pit.

Step 01 – Outline Your Fire Pit

If you’re working directly on top of pavers, make an outline of your fire pit with chalk. If you’re working directly on the ground, anything you can use to make marks on it is fine.

This is the phase where you’re going to experiment. Move your pavers around, see how you like their position. Take your time to make sure things are precisely how you want them to be.

If you’re using a steel ring, your options are limited, as the pavers will need to be surrounding it. Still, you’re only limited by your creativity.

Step 03 – Laying the First Pavers

Once everything is settled, and you are sure things are the way you want, it is time to place your first row of pavers for real, already considering their permanent position.

Once you finish placing the first row, check to see if everything is properly leveled.

If you’re working on the ground, this first row of pavers should be supported by the metal edge restrainers. If you’re working on top pavers, you’ll lift each paver and then glue them in place using a construction adhesive.

Step 04 – Next Rows

From this point on, each row works exactly the same. Lay the next row on top of the previous one, always staggering the joints and checking for level at the end.

Once everything is ok, lift the pavers one by one and glue them in place with the construction adhesive.

Step 05 – Fire Bricks

If you’re working with fire bricks, now is the time to glue them in the interior of your fire pit using the construction adhesive.

When working on ground, you leave it exposed, but when working on pavers it is recommended also cover the floor with fire bricks, but these don’t need to be glued.

Step 06 – Lava Rocks and Fuel

To finish things off, cover the hole of your fire pit with a few inches of lava rock and place some logs or timber as fuel.

And speaking of fuel, it is important to contact your local authorities to know what kind of fuel is permitted, as well as safety measures and time you’re allowed to use your fire pit.

Fire Pit on a Paver Patio

Professional Help to Put a Fire Pit on a Paver Patio

Building your own fire pit is easy, especially if you buy a set of paver specifically designed for it.

Still, the best way to make sure you have the best possible job is to ask for professional help.

We here at JS Brick have helped countless homeowners with their hardscape projects over our 20 years of activity, so we know the importance of a job well done.

An in case you are around our area of activity, the Sarasota County, in FL, why not give us a call to help you?

Call us anytime at +1 941 586 9140 for a free estimate on our services. We would be happy to hear from you and help with your fire pit or any other projects you might have.

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