How far should chairs be from a fire pit: Find out!

A lot of homeowners want to start planning a patio and a fire pit, doing so, a common question that pops up is “how far should chairs be from a fire pit?”

Besides pools, fire pits are the next most wanted project for outdoor areas. A fire pit can make your patio a multi-season space and add value to your house. A fire pit in your patio can be a cozy and an entertainment spot to get around with family and friends.

In this article, we’re gonna talk about outdoor fire pits and how far should chairs be from a fire pit.

How far should chairs be from fire pit?

Some people like to place chairs four feet away from the fire pit, which allows room for walking around it. Some homeowners prefer a three-foot distance, which can allow you to prop your feet on the ledge of the pit.

The distance between chairs and a fire pit depends on your available space, if you have a bigger patio, the distance between chairs and a fire pit can be bigger. But if you have a smaller patio, for obvious reasons, the distance between chairs and a fire pit can not be super small.

Where should I place my fire pit? 

Where a fire pit is placed or built will have an impact on your safety, so the location has to be chosen very carefully. Usually, local regulations will say if it is possible or not to build a fire pit and where you can locate it. Check with your city’s fire marshal for details and information before starting any project.

You will need a large open space for a fire pit because you have to ensure that flames and sparks will not reach anything and the location you pick must be level.

Since fire pits work especially well next to other social areas, like an outdoor kitchen or a patio, you must consider the prevailing wind direction on your property and any views you wish to highlight. 

Space Requirements

When considering how much space you will need for a fire pit and seating area, the first thing to do is decide the size of the pit. 

Usually, fire pits are meant in the center to be enjoyed from all sides, so be sure that there is space enough for chairs around it. Also, be sure to leave a space for people to walk around the pit safely. 

A good rule is to provide at least 7 feet of space around all outer edges of a fire pit, which will allow for plenty of room for chairs or other furniture and space for people to walk comfortably. If you’re still not sure about the size, a good tip to know how much space you need is marking the fire pit and putting chairs around it. This way you can get exactly the right amount of seating space for your needs.

What materials should be used for fire pits?

The materials for a fire pit are super important. A fire pit must be constructed with materials that will stand high temperatures. 

Some types of rocks have the potential to explode. The rocks that you should avoid when building pavers for fire pits are: sandstone, limestone, pumice, and river rocks.

The internal wall should be made of fire brick and a fire-proof mortar or grout because it will come into direct contact with the fire. The rest of the pit can be built with masonry block, poured concrete, stone, bricks, or pavers. 

Can I Build a Fire Pit Myself?

We highly recommend you not to. Building a fire pit is not an easy task. You must know what type of materials you’re gonna use and know all the details to avoid accidents, burns, or environmental fines. The price of doing the project yourself is just not worth all the risks.

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